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Updated at July 13th, 2021


Welcome to your first Protobi project. Here's what to expect as project manager.

You can create and set up a Protobi project yourself by uploading the survey and data online. Or just email us your survey and data at , and we can do it for you.

You'll immediately get an interactive view of your entire survey, and can begin analyzing and organizing the data.

Schedule an online work session with us, as soon as you create the project or share the data.

Over screen share we'll walk through each question with you, refine the design and suggest possibilities for visualization.

We can also discuss data processing and other changes, this work session will also serve as a hands on training for you and your team.

Many edits can be made together in our session. As project Admin you can edit and organize the view as the project progresses.

Our expert analysts are on hand, so you can focus on the data. You can upload partial or complete data as often as you like.

 Protobi can export and import data from SPSS and R. Protobi can also automate data processing you may otherwise need to do in R, SPSS, or Excel.

This includes stacking patient cases or conjoint data, merging in translations or other waves, calculating weights, recoding text responses, and calculating time intervals from dates.

Data processing logic and change history is stored within the project, so you'll never need to wonder what changes were made. You can export charts to PowerPoint and tables to Excel.

When you're ready, we can share View access with clients, and Edit access with colleagues.

Thanks for choosing Protobi for your research!

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