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Updated at July 14th, 2023

Recent releases



  • Refine stats test markers in SuperTables. 
  • Refine drop down menu for global crosstab button in toolbar.
  • Enhance supertable exports to Excel.
  • Refine Shift+drop on elements to create multiples (versus crosstabs). 
  • Refine showOverall setting for compact groups.
  • Update to support pairwise significance tests in crosstabs with over 26 columns.
  • Updates to expandable triangles on compact groups.


  • Refine stats markers in nested crosstabs exported as tables to Excel. 
  • Refine stats markers for mean statistics rows in online and exported SuperTables. 
  • Refine heritability of crosstab banners to child elements. 
  • Enhance the FilterPanel chartType to elements render as pills, so that the filters can be drag+dropped onto other elements as a crosstab.
  • Create new advanced menu options Copy Element (C) and Paste Element (V) that allow users to: 
    • Copy and paste one or more elements in order to create mirrored or cloned versions.
    • Copy and paste attributes of one element onto another.
    • Copy and paste entire groups.


  • Updates to the chart gallery allow users to specify which attributes of a chart you want to include in the saved template.
  • Refine standard compact charts with barmode set to "stack". 
  • Refine the interaction between banner elements that use the "recode" attribute for its values and select plotly charts.
  • Enhance Excel export for compact groups with hidden children.
  • Enhance compact groups to default to children's key if title and displayKey do not exist.
  • Users can now click on values within plotly charts to drill into a particular subset.


  • Enhance scrollbars appearing in standard charts.
  • Enhance top box statistics on elements without a crosstab.
  • Enhance multiples so users can drill into values.
  • Enhance SuperTables export of mean and basis statistics.
  • Enhance group plotly column charts export to PowerPoint.
  • Enhance slide mode to allow multiple elements on one slide.
  • Users can now click on different components of plotly charts to access the properties dialog (i.e. axises, legend). 
  • Improve efficiency of Excel Supertables export.


  • Improve the format dialog within the editor panel such that sort last, hide, etc. are visible. 
  • Enhance SuperTables export of compact groups. 
  • Enhance edit properties dialog. 
  • Enhance scroll bar in Safari browsers.


  • Refine duplicate labels in PowerPoint exports. 
  • Enhance hide attribute for group of groups plotly charts.
  • Fixed an error where online SuperTables were not showing.
  • Enhance Printlayout charts export.
  • Enhance multiples attribute so current scenarios apply.
  • Enhance Printlayout charts export to PowerPoint.
  • Refine crosstab banner labels to show formats if they exist. 
  • Add statistics testing on online SuperTables.
  • Improve how the app handles errors parsing headline, title, footnoteas JS templates:
    • The default is to interpret title, headline and footnote attributes as lodash template literals.
    • Now, if there is an exception thrown Protobi falls back to show the original text, and print the error to the console.
  • The Abacus chartType broke and we deployed a fix to resolve the issue. 


  • Refine SuperTable exports to not show hidden elements.
  • Enhance nested crosstabs stats markers in export to Excel.
  • Enhance the x-axis category labels in PowerPoint exports.
  • Refine ability to drill into statistics in children of compact groups.
  • Enable showBasisUnweighted in footnotes. 
  • SuperTable and SuperTables now apply their own filters to generated tables.
  • Fixed an issue where the JSON editor closes whenever users try to press "enter" to create a new line.
  • Added a new feature to Set project language.

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