Chart types

Updated at June 30th, 2021


All charts in Protobi start as standard elements. Change chart types in Protobi by selecting the element's context menu and choosing "Chart Type...".

Chart options in black are all possible chart types for the element you selected. In Q19 we ask health care professionals their prescription habits.

From the context menu, select "Chart Type..." for this example, we'll select pie chart. Adjust the element's width and health by selecting it, so that it is highlighted blue. Adjust the resize handles.

We can easily transform Q19 into another chart, by choosing column chart from the "Chart Type..." dialog. Chart labels are at the bottom of the diagram.

We can move chart labels to a legend on the right side of the chart by selecting both "swap" and "legend".

We can also display Q19 as a bar chart and reverse the X and Y axises by selecting by selecting "reverse x or y" under chartOptions. We can undo the axis orientation by clicking again to deselect. 

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