Chart gallery: save preset chart templates

Updated at July 14th, 2023

Add charts to the gallery as templates and you can apply the same settings to any chart. 

You can create a new chart gallery template by setting the chartType, and chartOptions exactly as you want on any element or group. Once you have everything set the way you like, open the editor panel and press the "Add this to gallery" button.

Choose attributes

Once you press "Add this to gallery", Protobi will prompt you to select the attributes you want to include in the chart template. chartType and chartOptions are included by default, and you might also want to choose other attributes like colors and format if you want to apply the same to other charts. 

If there's another project with chart gallery templates you want to use, you can import the gallery from one project to another. 

Press the "Import from" button:

A dialog will pop up, add the Project ID and press "Ok". 

Note: the Project ID is the string of numbers and letters in the project URL link.

Chart gallery templates are also saved in project settings. Press on a chart to see more options. 

Enter text and press "Update" to change a chart's name. 

Press on the different buttons to copy the chart in a specific formats. 

For example, if you press "Image" you can download or copy the PNG version of the chart. 

You can even copy the Embed code to integrate charts into other web pages. 

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