More chart properties

Updated at November 30th, 2022

Edit more properties

The More properties dialog is within the Editor panel. You can also select the element and use the keyboard shortcut: SHIFT + E + P to open More properties. 

Select/deselect properties

Theindicates that the property is selected. Press to deselect the property.

Theindicates that the property is not selected. One press will reset the property to the default state. Two presses will select the property.

Add properties

The properties readily available to edit are dependent on the element's chart type. Pressing on "+ new attribute" and enter a "key" and "value" pair if you want to edit and attribute that isn't shown.

Press the "+" sign next to each sub-category to expand and edit those additional properties.

Commonly used properties


Select this property for scale questions when you want to the bars to show your statistics nets (i.e. Top 2 box) instead of individual values. This works for Beta charts and plotly Bar and Column charts. 

Select to match the font color of legend labels to the legend icon colors. Deselect this property and the legend label font defaults to black. 


This property adds the N size to the category labels on plotly Bar and Column charts. 


Choose to show or hide the dataValue labels on plotly Bar, Column and Line charts. 


You can set where text wraps by editing maxLabelLength under, xaxis or yaxis. This attribute takes a numeric value. 

For instance the xaxis for the chart below is set to wrap after 15 characters. Note, your chart should have wrap selected in the Chart type dialog, otherwise setting maxLabelLength will just truncate the text after the specified number of character. 

This property is also under legend, but the legend doesn't wrap text and will truncate the text after the specified maxLabelLength.

xaxis and yaxis 

Add axis titles by setting the attribute value to a string (i.e. % of HCPs). 

Add a custom range (i.e. [0,1]) and deselect autorange if you have a specific scale you want to show on the axis. 

You can deselect visible under the x or yaxis properties to hide the axis altogether. 


You can hide significance testing on specific questions by deselecting the showSignificance property. You can set the type of stats tests for crosstab tables globally in project properties


Choose to show or hide the Overall column when charts/tables have a crosstab. You can also select Overall in the Chart type dialog.


You can choose to swap the crosstab categories with the value categories using this property. You can also choose swap in the Chart type dialog.


Show legend and crosstab categories nested on an axis (left image) instead of showing titles in the legend area (right image). This property work for groups, with a compactto value, and a crosstab banner. 

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