Initial design work session

Updated at February 24th, 2020

The initial design work session is typically held via screen share after we've received your data. It's included in each Expert and Professional project, at no up-charge. You can request a work session at the same time you email us your data file.

The purpose of this design work session is to walk through the initial view of a project and any questions that come up, together.

The main focus of the session is to create a data view that is appropriate for your project, but it's also an opportunity to get Protobi training as a new user.  

What to expect


We'll give a brief introduction to the Protobi team, and ask the same of your team. We'll want to know who's going to be working within the app, so we can better provide support.

Questions from us

We'll ask you some basic questions about your project:

  • What's your survey length? 
  • What's the sample size? 
  • What's the timing (e.g., programming, soft-launch, fielding)? 
  • Any programming considerations?

Project organization

We'll review every question in your project with you and make any desired adjustments along the way. Looking at your project we will be able to identify opportunities to clean, reshape, and code the data. We'll set up certain queries, and make changes so that your overall project is more efficient.

During this process we also collect notes. If there are complexities in your project, we will follow up with solutions.

Ask us questions

At Protobi we like being able to guide you through your first experience within the app. During the design work session we encourage you to ask questions and share your concerns. Questions can range from "How do I change the colors of a graph?" to "How can I perform cluster analysis?"

New user training

The first viewing of your data will give us an opportunity to show you how Protobi works. During the session we'll show you how the app is structured and some features relevant to your project along the way. 

We don't expect you to know everything after this first exposure. The tutorials site is a learning resource that you can turn to as you continue to explore the app's capabilities. We are also available, should you need additional guidance.

Schedule a work session 

You can email us  at or schedule a time on our calendar.

Choose a time that works for you, and receive a calendar invite with screen share info automatically.

If you prefer to use another conference system, no worries, update the calendar invite with alternate audio/video details.

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