See and edit data for charts in table view

Override automatic calculation and specify custom data for Protobi charts

Updated at November 28th, 2023

It is now possible to see – and edit – the data table underlying charts Protobi.   

This is a nascent feature and currently applies only to charts that use from Plotly library (e.g. column charts, bar charts, pie charts, line charts).  Support for other chart types is in development.  It is also not yet fully tested, so please let our team know of any issues you see.

Show data table

To show the data table, bring up the advanced chart options.  Press the gear icon or press the circle-or-square  edit icon and choose “Edit properties” from the context menu:

Expand the last group “Edit chart options” and set “showDataTable” to true:

To edit the data, double click on any cell and press “Ok” to confirm:

You can now edit the raw directly via the table. In the example below, the W1 values are now powers of 0.5:

Set showDataTable to false in the Edit Properties… dialog and observe that the specified values now apply:

Actually you can take even more direct control over not just the data but other options of the visual presention.  Select Edit JSON… from the context menu and observe the attribute plotly. This specifies an entire Plotly.js chart configuration.  Google Plotly.js or contact support at Protobi for help…




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