Count checkbox selections

Updated at May 13th, 2020

With "Check all that apply" questions, it may be helpful to count how many options respondents checked "Yes" for. Below, we have have a question S10v1 and child elements representing different products. A simple way to count the number of products selected is to use Protobi's Transform

Transform to sum

Say the underlying values in S10v1 are "0" or "1", representing "No" or "Yes" respectively. You can Transform to "sum" to count the number of options that were selected.

Below is the distribution after S10v1 was transformed to sum, and child elements were hidden. 

Exclude an option from the count

Using S10v1 as an example, you may want to exclude certain options from the count. Say you do not want to include "Yes" values from Other in the count. From S10v1's context menu, choose "More properties..." and remove the child element. 

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