Show text that is cut off

Updated at August 25th, 2020

In elements that contain long text, the default chart options may not allow for the full text to show. To show the full text, choose the chart option "wrap". 


In the below example, we see a standard chart with text that is cut off. 

Wrap chart text

One way to make the full text show is to wrap the chart text. From the context menu open the "Chart type..." dialog and press "wrap":

Wrap result 

This chart option will wrap text that is too long onto the next line. This chart option works for all chart types.

Select and resize

Another way to make an element display full text is to select it and resize.

q3 is selected below. A selection is indicated by the element's header turning blue. To resize q3, drag the small blue box in the lower right corner. Adjust until full text is shown. 

Resize result 

After resizing, q3 shows the full text for each value format. If values are particularly long, resizing may not be ideal because the element will need a large width.

For Print layout charts only

Print layout charts are used for compacted groups of questions. Usually each question in a group has its own title text that translates to labels placed left of the bars. Title text is often long, and it is common to see text getting cut off in Print layout charts. You can choose the "wrap" chart option (seen above for standard chart), but you can also set the chart's left margin to zero to place the full text above the chart bars.  

Set left margin to zero

There are two ways to set the left margin to zero. You can select the element (e.g. Q9v1) and drag the dotted box, or use the JSON editor. 

Drag left margin

Press on the element, and you will see a dotted box. Drag the left corner of the dotted box all the way to the left. 

JSON editor

Alternatively, you can open the JSON editor from the context menu and set "l" under the margin attribute to 0. 


With the left margin set to zero, text will appear above the colored bars. 

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