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Updated at December 17th, 2019

Keeping your research data secure is essential, and you also need your team and clients to access it easily.  Okta provides a simple sophisticated way to organize your users, projects, and permissions. If your organization is already using Okta and Protobi, this article shows how to link the two.

Create Protobi as a new application

First, login to your Okta admin portal and go to "Applications".  Press "Add Application" and create a new entry for Protobi.

Second, under "Create New Application", choose "Web" and press Next:

Third, set up the application name and URI's for your firm, replacing "mycompany.protobi.com" with your Protobi Enterprise address.  Under "Grant type allowed" make sure that "Authorization Code" is selected:

Enter URLs for your Protobi instance:

When done, save the client ID and Client Secret:

Register Okta as an auth strategy in Protobi

In Protobi, as an app administrator, go to  https://{{mycompany.protobi.com}}/admin/organization and select an organization (replacing {{mycompany.protobi.com}} with your Protobi base URL)

For your organization, select "Use Okta OAuth", and press Save.  Then to configure Okta, press the button "Auth strategies..."

Here enter your Okta configuration:

  •  clientId from Okta
  •  clientSecret from Okta
  • domain from Okta
  • callbackURL e.g. https://mycompany.protobi.com/auth/okta/callback

Verify Okta is available for your clients

The login screen should now show an option to "Sign in with Okta"

Pressing this option will redirect the user to sign in to Okta:

Successfully signing in will redirect the user to their projects.

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