Reconcile question numbers across waves
Print layout charts (beta)
Learning with Protobi tutorials
Intro to Protobi
Sign into Protobi
Project flow
Basic navigation in Protobi
Initial design work session
Shortcuts cheat sheet
Protobi quick-start tutorial (slides)
Press to query
Sorting responses
Blank, skipped, and missing values
Global filters
Exporting data
Text verbatims
Hide or delete
Element properties
Move, mirror, clone
Bin values into numeric ranges
Summary statistics
Extract common text
JSON syntax
Format dialog
Compact to...
Headline, title, display key and footnote
Recode dialog
Code text verbatims
Element specific filters
Translate languages
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Create a new project
Basic project setup recommendations
Project properties
Significance testing
Project settings
Project overview
Project wiki pages
Project permissions
Project data
Update project data
Modify survey data
Project history
Project To-do
Okta authentication
Custom PowerPoint template
Chart type dialog
Word clouds
Venn diagrams
Cumulative line charts
TopBoxTornado for multiple ratings
Sankey flow diagrams
US State maps
Google Maps chart
Kaplan-Meier curves
Van Westendorp's Price Sensitivity Meter
Print layout charts (beta)
Transform dialog
Transform to condense
Condense text verbatims
Transform to compact
Count checkbox selections
Replace missing values with zeros
Splitting text responses
Numeric variables with long-tail distributions
Extreme values: Winsorize, trim or retain?
Date/time values
Comparing dates
Advanced text recoding
Basic data process functions
Filter or remove respondents
Combine data with similar layouts
Merge in new data that has the same respondents
Stack patient cases
Combine month and year values into a single date
Calculate time between dates
Add a data process in pre-calculate
Protobi REST API
Protobi R library
Customize Protobi style
Create new chart types
Stacking survey data loops in Protobi
Putting numbers up front for scale questions
Import layout data from Confirmit
Protobi Web API
Duplicate or "clone" a workspace
Open a project
Share a project
Export data from a project
Upload new data into an existing project
Move questions (elements)
Delete elements
Resize charts
Change titles on elements
Extract common text titles
Create a crosstab
Change toolbar position
Get tab view of elements
Adjust decimals shown
Search and filter text responses
Separate words in text verbatims
Recode values into custom categories
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Previously asked questions
Project flow
Import a new data set
Create a new project
Get started
Press to drill in
"is," "or," and "not" queries
Toggle percentages & counts
Missing values
Export to PowerPoint & Excel
Bin ranges for numeric questions
Checkboxes & Numeric grids
Search and filter text open-ends
Cloud translations
Let's make a word cloud
Chart types
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