Display top box scores

Updated at March 19th, 2021

Top box and bottom box scores are summary statistics that represent the sum of frequencies for multiple values.

Often times top box scores are used in scale questions like the one below to summarize values into broader categories while still being able to view the entire distribution. 

Display top/bottom box scores

Press on an element's context menu and choose "Statistics...".

At the bottom of the summary statistics dialog there are empty boxes where you can define box scores. 

Although Q13 is using a 7 point scale ranging from -3 to +3, the underlying values are actually 1 to 7. When adding box scores you will need to reference the underlying values.

We can view Q13 values by choosing "Format..." from the context menu:

Label box scores

To specify a label for box score summary statistics, put a colon after the value array and type in the label. If a label is not specified, then Protobi uses the values' format as a default. 

Display box scores as the bars in a chart

When displaying a group of scale questions as a Print Layout chart (beta), there is the option to hide the individual values and show only the box score percentages.

On the bottom right corner of the "Chart type..." dialog, choose to edit additional options. You can also use the keyboard shortcut: SHIFT + E + P. 

From the additional chart options dialog press to select "coalesceBars". A green checkmark indicates an option is selected.

After selecting this option, the box scores that you have specified in statistics will be displayed as the bars. The distribution will not be shown. 

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