Customizing colors in Protobi

Updated at August 8th, 2022

Part of the fun of Protobi is showing clients a project view that is customized with your colors and brand — or better yet, theirs. 

There are few ways to use colors in Protobi: 

  • Custom color themes for charts
  • Element icon colors to organize the survey

Set chart colors

To set colors, click on the element icon .

Choose "Color..." from the context menu :

Click on a color theme to select it:

Add new colors

When you right click on an existing color theme a menu with additional options will pop up. From here you can add a "New theme".

New themes will have default colors (black,grey):

Right click on a color to change, insert or move colors:

A dialog prompting you to enter a color will appear. Colors in Protobi are defined by their HEX code

After you press "Ok" the new theme will be added to the color dialog, and you can apply the theme to other questions. 

Gradient color themes

2-point color themes like "ascending" and "descending" will display as a gradient scale when there are more than two possible values. 

For example, the stacked bars in Q13 represent a 7-point scale. The "ascending" color theme is applied here, so the bars will gradually go from blue to green.

Alternatively, you can select a 7-point color theme (like the "Rainbow" example above) to assign specific colors to values.

Set element icon color

The element icon is the  square or circle that is next to the element key. To change the icon color, choose one of the default colors in the first row of the "Color" dialog. 

The colors available for selection are from the default color theme. To change the element icon color options, you have to change the colors in the theme named "default".  

Colors propagate recursively so you can set colors for entire sections at once. 

The "Screener" parent group has element icon color set to light blue, so all questions within Screeners will have the same element icon color. 

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