Sorting responses

Updated at January 7th, 2020

You can quickly sort data within an element:

  • Press "Response" to sort by value
  • Press "#/%" to sort by frequency

This is only useful for sorting in ascending or descending order. If you want to use a non sequential sort order, customize "Sort as" in the Format dialog.

Sort by value

Press "Response" once to sort by value:

Note: If there are no changes, the default is already set to sort by value for that element (see JSON editor: type.)

Press "Response" again to reverse the sorting order:

Sort by frequency 

Press "#/%" once to sort by frequency:

 Press "#/%" again to reverse the sorting order:

Sorting in compact groups

In compact groups, you can press "#/%" to sort by frequency.

Note: For compact groups, sorting by frequency does not save. If you close and reopen the project you'll need to press to sort again.

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