Basic project setup

Updated at October 3rd, 2022

Users can Create new projects and do basic project setup on their own to start exploring their data right away.

Follow these basic setup tutorials to organize your project into a neat view:

  1. Project overview and branding
  2. Autogroup to organize elements
  3. Group questions together into sections that reflect the survey
  4. Move, mirror, and clone elements
  5. Edit display keys and titles to clearly label each element
  6. Extract common text from titles 
  7. Bin values into numeric ranges
  8. Compact questions into concise views 
  9. Condense text open-ends
  10.  Code open-ends for analysis 
    1. Simple open-end recoding
    2. Advanced open-end recoding
  11. Edit chart colors
  12. Hide or delete elements
  13. Change sections to a tab view

If you want us to get the project started for you-- send your survey data to and we can typically turn around a basic project setup in one business day.

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