Copy/paste elements to create different views or apply attributes from one element to another

Updated at August 4th, 2023

Protobi's new feature to copy and paste elements makes it easier to mirror or clone different views and apply attributes from one element to another. Existing features like drag+drop to mirror or clone and preset templates in the chart gallery remain available.

Copy Element (C) and Paste Element (V) allows users to: 

  • Copy/paste one or more elements in order to create mirrored or cloned versions.
  • Copy/paste entire groups.
  • Copy/paste attributes of one element onto another.
  • Copy/paste between different projects.  

How to use Copy Element (C)

Select the element(s) and press Shift+C or select the Copy Elements option from the advanced menu. 

How to use Paste Element (V)

Shift+V or select the Paste Elements option from the advanced menu. 

A dialog with options to mirror, clone or paste attributes will appear. 

Mirroring an element allows you to show the same element in more than one spot. Cloning allows you to create an independent copy of an element. See Mirror vs clone for more details.

Note: The mirror option will not show if you try to paste an element onto a tab where it already exists. 

Paste attributes

If you select the paste attributes option, Protobi will show you another dialog where you can choose the attributes that you want to paste copy over. 

chartType and chartOptions are pre-selected because these are attributes that users will typically always want to apply when using Copy/paste or the chart gallery

Copy/paste multiple elements

Select multiple elements to copy and mirror or clone them.

When you paste multiple elements as a clone Protobi will prompt you to create names for all elements. 

The mirror/clone dialog will pop up for the first element, once you press “Ok” the dialog for the second element will show, etc. 

When you copy multiple elements, paste attributes isn't an option.

Copy/paste entire groups

Copy entire groups and paste onto another tab or right click on the + sign to create another tab with the elements copied in your clipboard.

Copy/paste between different projects

Copy and paste works between different projects as well. Copy Elements (C) in one project and Paste Elements (V) in another. 


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