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Updated at July 14th, 2023

We just released a new feature that makes editing elements easier. This feature consolidates many of our existing dialogs into one Editor Panel:

You're now able to apply many changes to an element at once, instead of editing one dialog at a time.

The Editor Panel is accessible from every element by pressing on the gear on the right side of the header.

The Editor Panel addresses our users' requests to make make editing smoother. One consolidated dialog means less clicking and searching for the right options to apply to charts.

Yes the context menu on each element still exists, but whichever menu item you press will take you to that dialog within our new Editor panel. 

If you want to access any of the old dialogs, use the keyboard shortcuts. 

Most (but not all) dialogs are in the Editor Panel

Not every item in the context menu is available in the Editor panel. The Editor Panel includes dialogs that show and change the current configuration.  Action items like "Select" and special dialogs like "Recode" are still reachable from the context menu and Advanced toolbar button.

Additionally, the advanced design actions are not included in the Editor panel. 

Press directly on chart components to edit properties

Another way to get to the more properties dialog is to press on the axises and legend to edit those properties directly. 

Editor panel dialogs

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Feel free to email support@protobi.com if you have any questions.

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