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Updated at August 9th, 2022

Get data out of Protobi by exporting elements to PowerPoint or Excel. Select the elements or groups, then press the Export button on the toolbar. From the dropdown menu choose the export format

Protobi exports to PowerPoint as editable charts and to Excel as tables or raw respondent leve data. 

Export to PowerPoint

You can export to Protobi's default PowerPoint template or use your own custom template. The keyboard shortcut for export to PowerPoint is Shift + X + P.

Most charts will export as native, editable chart objects with the data embedded inside an Excel file. 

Chart types like Word Cloud will generate as editable text shapes with the same color, position, etc. that you see online.

PowerPoint export options

You can choose PowerPoint export options from the Chart type dialog.

charts: Export to PowerPoint as native, editable charts. For some chart types, like Word Clouds, there isn't a native chart option in PowerPoint, so even if you select charts the export will be shapes.

shapes: Export as editable shapes and text.

image: Export as static image.

keep table: For Print layout charts, export legend, y-axis categories, and statistics columns as a table behind the chart.

update only: Only update the chart data and keep other chart formatting as it is in the template. This is for projects with custom PowerPoint templates.

Export to Excel as tables

Exports in this format have a "main" worksheet, and each selected element is on its own worksheet within the Excel file. For groups, its worksheet will contain tables for each element within the group.

For your convenience, exports to Excel as tables will generate data tables in both counts and percents. This makes it easy to select and chart the data in either variation. 

Copy data as text

If you want to quickly copy numbers without exporting to tables, select "Copy as text/html" from the group or element's context menu. This will copy the element's data into your clipboard.

Export respondent-level data

Export as data to CSV to generate a file with respondent-level data. The resulting worksheet contains columns for just the elements you select, and rows for just your current scenario. 

Labeled vs raw 

You can export the data either labeled or raw. 

Below (on the left) we exported psraid, q1 and q2 as a labeled CSV. This will include the element title and format

On the right, we exported the same elements as a raw CSV. This will generate a file with the raw data values. 

Export the entire dataset

If you want to export all project data, press the trigram in the upper right and choose either Excel or CSV format. This will export every element as respondent level data.

You can also download data from project settings which will exclude any columns that were created in the front-end of the project (clones, transformed groups, etc). 

Video tutorial


There are many ways to export data from Protobi into your presentation.

Select one or more charts and press the Export button from the toolbar, or select Shift + X + P to export to PowerPoint.

Export to PowerPoint to see your data in native, editable charts in PowerPoint.

Export to Excel to see your data as tables. Tables with percentages on the left, and tables with counts on the right.

Export to CSV, either raw or labeled to download a spreadsheet. This has one row per respondent with column names and titles at the top.

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