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Updated at September 26th, 2022

Protobi lets you compact groups of variables to a concise view. This tutorial shows how you can compact different types of question groups: 1. numeric, 2. categorical and 3. checkbox values. 

Numeric example

In Q1 respondents enter percents across different conditions that sum to 100. 

This is a lot of information to look at. You might want to see just the average percent for each item. Press the square icon for the group and select Compact to... from the context menu:

In the compact to dialog choose Mean* and the "Apply recursively to this element and all sub elements" checkbox at the bottom. 

*Note you can also choose compact to Percent which compacts the group to mean but also sets round by to 20 which works well for questions where respondents were asked to enter a percent.

Q1 is now a compact group showing just the mean percent for each condition:

You can peek at the underlying distribution for an element by pressing the triangle icon next to each condition to expand the data:

Categorical example

You can also compact series of categorical questions, such ratings or rankings. q15 is a typical set of ratings. 

You might want to see just the top-box scores (Very similar and Somewhat similar). 

In the compact to dialog choose Top box and add the raw values that correspond to the top categories. Here we chose top 2 box, but you can compact to top 3 box, top 1 box, etc. 

Press the triangle to see the entire distribution for any item:

Video tutorial

Checkbox example

The example below is a typical grid of checkbox items. They are each shown individually, so you can see the entire distribution for each item.

You can compact the group to see just respondents that selected the option.

From the compact to dialog select Checkbox.

Press the triangle to see the entire distribution for one product:

Undo compact

To un-compact the question, press the square icon for the group and select "Expand."

Video tutorial


Questions S10 is a "check all that apply" question. Protobi shows just percent true by default. You can press the triangle button to show a detailed description underneath.

Question Q2 is a "numeric grid" that sums to 100. For these Protobi shows the mean by default. Again you can press the blue triangle to see a detailed description underneath. 

In this tutorial, for the categorical example we showed you a typical set of ratings. To learn more about ranking questions in Protobi please see Ways to display rankings.

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