Transform to condense

Updated at December 18th, 2020

Protobi's "Condense" transform allows you to transform the responses from a group of elements into a single distribution.

The most common uses are:


Due to skip patterns, you might ask certain respondents the same question at different points in a survey. Below, ten respondents answered Q12 and three respondents answered Q22. During the course of analysis, we might wish to see the responses grouped into a single distribution. 

To use the transform function, we must first create a group with these two elements. We select Q12 and Q22 and choose "Group" from the Advanced button. We name the group Q12_Q22.

Transform to condense

Press the group's (e.g. Q12_Q22) square edit icon and choose "Transform..." from the context menu.  This will bring up the dialog you see at the top of this tutorial.   

Select "Condense (squish)" from the dialog and select "Hide children", then Press "Ok". 

The element will now appear as a single distribution with all responses. Notice that N=13 for the group, which is the total of the N sizes in Q12 and Q22

Remove the transform

To return to the original state, bring up the Transform dialog again, select "None" and de-select "Hide children".

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