Organize the data view

Updated at July 7th, 2021


Protobi lets you neatly organize your data.


To hide an element or a group, select it and then press the advanced button and select “hide”. Then press “ok”.


To unhide an element, select the element in the tree and press the advanced button and select “unhide”.


You can also use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + D to hide and unhide.


Hidden elements are not visible to all viewer users.


Moving elements


To move an element to a different group, find it in the tree. Drag and drop it to its new group identified by a square icon.


Yellow highlights will show up to indicate where the element is going to be moved.


You can drop between elements to move them within a group.




To create a new group, select one or more elements you would like to put together.


Then, press the advanced menu button then press “Group” or SHIFT + G.


To dissolve an element or a group, select it. Press the advanced menu and select “Dissolve” or press SHIFT U.
 This dissolves the element but not its children. The children and promoted one level.


Create a tab


To create a new tab, press the plus button and give it a unique name.


You can move elements into the tab by dragging them from the tree into the tab.


You can also copy elements into the tab by holding the shift key as you drag. The same element will now be in both places.


You can make any element its own tab by either dragging it onto the plus tab, or dragging it to the top level of the tree.




For major changes, it may be convenient to see and edit the structure directly. Choose “Edit JSON”.


The attribute “children” list keys of child elements. You can edit this directly and press “ok”.


Here we see a few ways to organize the Protobi view. See other tutorials and learn how to clone and auto-group elements.




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