Project to-do

Updated at December 18th, 2020

In  the "To do" tab of the settings page admins can document and keep track of tasks associated with the project. The To-do list can be seen by other project admins as well as the Protobi team.

Each To-do list entry appears as an info card:

  • Press "Edit" to make changes to an entry
  • Press "Wiki" to go to the entry's wiki page
  • Press the "New entry" button to add more to-do list items

New entry

Add new tasks on your project for your team and the Protobi team to see.

When adding new tasks, it's recommended admins include:

  • Complete by: Fill in a date to give the Protobi team an idea of your timeline. We recommend submitting to-dos at least a week out from when you need the task completed. Keep in mind project tasks can vary widely in required work hours. Email if you have a complex project task, or a short turnaround time.
  • Brief title (e.g. New Protobi expert instance, Consulting services)
  • Description (e.g. Initial project setup, Stack files, Code questions)
    • For more complicated tasks, it's recommended that longer instructions be included in the entry's wiki page.
  • Status: Select from options (e.g. Waiting for Protobi)
  • Billing code: You organization's billing code for the project

After you press save, the task will appear as an info card under "To-do list" (see first image). Press "Edit" to make changes to an entry (ex. status update, next steps). 

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