Recode dialog

Updated at August 17th, 2022

The "Recode..." dialog is a useful tool for coding text verbatims. However, there are other practical use cases for the "Recode..." tool. 

You can use the tool to:

  1. Recode values to subsets
  2. Recode values to [NA]

Recode values to subsets

The "Recode..." tool is useful to define and analyze new segmentations of the data. For instance, you can clone an element (e.g. Country) and name it "Region." 

In the new element, you can recode the country values into regions using the "Recode..." dialog. You can then press to query in the new element to segment the entire survey by region. 

Recode values to [NA]

Below we have a question, Q1, where 5% of respondents answered "0". For analysis, you may not want to include zero values in summary statistics like Mean. 

From the element context menu select "Recode..." to bring up the recoding dialog:

From here you can filter, select and drag responses to existing or new categories. For this example, we only want to code zeros to "[NA]". 

Q1 now doesn't appear to have any 0 values, and Mean has increased. You can press the [NA] button to toggle whether missing values are included in the basis or not.

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