Multiply your chart by a banner value

An alternative to crosstabs

Updated at July 17th, 2023

The "multiples" feature generates different versions of the same chart using the banner element as filters. 

For example we can use Region as a multiples banner on Q19. The result is one chart for every region subset. 

How to create multiples

Drag + shift + drop

Drag the banner to the chart you want to multiply and press shift before you drop the banner on the pill. 

Edit the multiples property

Alternatively, you can also add the banner key next to the multiples attribute "Edit properties". 


The result is seven versions of Q19, each filtered on a different Region

The banner labels show as headers in the multiples:

Press on values to drill in

You can press on values within the multiplied charts, but the project will be filtered as though you're drilled into the value at the overall level. 

For instance if you press on the 57% (1 - one month) you will be drilled into all respondents that selected 1 - one month, not just North East respondents that selected that option. 

Result after pressing on 1 - one month:

Multiples are based on formatted values

Every value of Region has a format specified, so when used as a multiple Region will generate 7 different filtered versions of any given chart.

Remove the format for value 1 (i.e. "North East"), and Q19 would no longer show the version of the chart that is filtered on. However, the other values that have formats will get one chart each.

Multiples will respect hide and sort order

Charts are not generated for hidden values, and if an alternative sort order is specified the charts will respect that order. 

Formats for raw values can be specified in the format dialog.

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