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Updated at June 17th, 2022

In Protobi you can create a filter that applies to every element by pressing on any value. We call these current filters.

Filters allows you to see how respondents who answered one question also answered other questions. They are applied globally, meaning if you filter anywhere you filter everywhere. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how you can include or exclude certain responses. 

For example, here is an overall distribution of responses to one question in a survey:

Press to filter for one response ("is")

Press on a value to select all cases for only that response. Here we've selected all respondents who "Strongly agree" by pressing on the value. The thin black outlines represent the baseline, which is all respondents.

Multiple filters

Pressing to filter "is" in multiple elements creates an "and" query. 

Below we are filtering for all respondents who answered "Strongly agree" in IMPORTANCE AND answered "Full-time" in q37. 

Alt + Press to filter for multiple responses ("or")

Alt + Press (Windows) or Option + Press (Mac) on multiple values to view the analytics for those responses. Here we've pressed on two possible responses, but you can choose more than two if you so desire. This will allow us to view all answers of all persons who either "Strongly agree" or "Somewhat agree" have been selected.

Note: Currently "or" queries only work within an element. Alt/Option + Press does not work between different elements; any attempts will yield "and" queries. 

Shift + Press to exclude ("not")

Shift + Press on a value to exclude that specific response. By holding the Shift key while pressing on "Strongly agree," we've selected all people who do NOT "Strongly agree."

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