Venn diagrams

Illustrate overlaps between subsets

Updated at October 17th, 2019

You can create a Venn diagram for a multiple-response element or a compact group. If there are more than three items, Protobi will seek a reasonable approximation.


In this example, respondents were asked what device(s) they owned in a check-all-that-apply question:

Venn diagrams also work with individual elements that can have multiple values. You can transform a compact group into a multiple-value discrete element by choosing "Transform..." from the context menu and selecting "Compact":

Press the square edit icon for the question and select "Chart type..." from the context menu. This will bring up a Chart dialog:

Select the button for Venn diagrams and press "Ok."

Customize colors

You can specify your own colors:

To specify colors, select "Edit JSON..." from the context menu and create an attribute "colors" mapping value keys to CSS colors:

Remove a category

Often checkbox questions like these include a final category, "None of these" as in this example. This last category doesn't really make sense in a Venn Diagram.

You can remove an item either by removing it as a child from the parent group or hiding the element in the tree:

Export to PowerPoint

Venn diagrams also export to PowerPoint. Right now Venn diagrams export as images but we are working to export them as native PowerPoint shapes.

It's one thing to see a nice chart, but each dataset often has some complexity. Contact Protobi support to discuss your dataset.

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