Project overview and branding

Edit project title, logo, and splash images

Updated at August 8th, 2022

Edit projects details and add branding with a project logo and splash image.


Name:  Project name that will be listed under your “My projects” page.

Brief title: A shorter version of the project name that is used as the label for the browser tab.

Description:  A few sentences about the project.

Logo: A URL for the image that appears in the upper left of the project. If an image URL is not specified, the default is the Protobi logo.

Image: A URL for a splash image to show next to the project in the "My Projects" view. If there's no image specified, the default is a randomly generated geometric design.

Favicon:  A URL for the image that appears in the browser tab title.

PowerPoint template:  Name of PPTX template to use for this project. See Custom PowerPoint template.


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