Create a new element

Updated at October 4th, 2023

Create a new element in the project view

To add a new element, simply press on the plus sign within any tab to create a new element. 


Add data to your new element using field

Once you create the new element you can use field to pull data into the element. See How elements get their data: field, element and transform to learn more.

Create a new element in data process

You can create a new element in the data without manually adding a new element to the project view. 

Add a data process and include code that defines your new column. Below are two different examples, one to create a sum column and another to create a variable based off existing data.

Example code

rows.forEach(function(row) {
    //Create sum column
    row.Q2_sum = (+row.Q2_1) + (+row.Q2_2) + (+row.Q2_3)	

    //Create variable based off logic
    if (row.S14 == 2 || row.S14 == 3) row.awareness = "Aware"
    else row.awareness = "Not aware"


After you run the code, and reload the project all new columns appear as elements in the Fields tab.

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