Import a new data set

Updated at July 25th, 2022


Import your own data set to create a new Protobi project.

Sign in or sign out of Protobi with your email or openID.

Once signed in, press "New Project" and select your SPSS or CSV data file.

Your project is now created. Press "open" to see an initial, interactive view of your data.

You data is automatically grouped into the tree on the left, under the section "fields".

Instead of going into the survey, and grouping the elements manually, we can select the "fields" tab and under the Advanced button in the toolbar, select "Autogroup" to get us started organizing the project.

Elements (or questions) in the survey, have now been organized into sections, with "Q" holding all the survey questions and "S" holding all the screener questions.

From here we can begin organizing the project.

Create a new tab by pressing the "+" button. You can move elements onto a tab by dragging from the tree on the left. We can move tabular sections, by selecting it and dragging it within the tree. Here, we'll move "Screener" to the very top.

Once set up, Protobi has some exciting capabilities. Here are some examples:

  1. You can edit element text by double clicking.
  2. Click to drill into a subset/ click again to clear filters.
  3. Create instant crosstabs by dragging one variable to another/ drag up to uncross.
See tutorials on organizing data to begin further customizing your survey. 

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