Project permissions

How to grant access to the project and edit permissions

Updated at March 22nd, 2021

Grant access

Users have Admin privileges to projects they create. You can grant clients and colleagues access to view or edit the project. 

In an open project, the trigram icon in the upper right has a shortcut to “Project permissions." 

Add users to the project by entering their email address under "Add a colleague." 

Users are not automatically notified. To alert people of their access copy the text seen under "Send users an email," and send it as instructions to sign into the project.  

We recommend also including this link which shows how to sign in:

Permission level

Edit a user's permission level by pressing on the ▼ under their email on the "Permissions" tab.

There are four levels of permission:

  • None: removes the user from this project
  • View: the user can open, query and explore the data
  • Edit: the user can edit the project and save changes for all users
  • Admin: the user can manage user permissions and other advanced features

The changed permissions will be reflected the next time a user refreshes the browser. 

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