Sign into SERMO Dashboard Analytics


Updated at October 31st, 2019

You can sign into SERMO Dashboard Analytics as either as a SERMO client using SERMO credentials, or as an individual user using an email address.  

Sign in by email

If you were granted access to Dashboard Analytics by a colleague or consultant, you might have received an email with a link to By clicking the link, you will be directed to SERMO's Dashboard Analytics login page:

Enter your email address and press the "Email" button. 

You will receive an email with a hyperlink that takes you to Dashboard Analytics. Click or copy/paste the link into your preferred browser and you'll be signed in right away.  

The link is valid for 60 minutes and can be used once, but will keep you signed in for 14 days or until you sign out. To sign in again, just enter your email address again.

Note: Projects linked to your SERMO credentials may not yet be linked to your email.

Sign in as a SERMO client

If you are a SERMO client, press "Sign in with your SERMO account." This will take you to where you can enter your SERMO portal credentials:

From there you will be automatically redirected back to the project.  If not, press "Dashboard Analytics", find your project, and press the "Analytics" button next to it.

Why no password option?

Passwords are typically either too weak to be secure, or to strong to remember. Signing in with SERMO OATH or email helps us keep your data secure. Also, there is no password to forget!

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