SERMO Dashboard Analytics optional capabilities


Updated at October 31st, 2019

Your SERMO Dashboard Analytics project comes with powerful Protobi® viewer that sets up your project automatically and  neatly organizes the view for your entire survey. You can filter responses, test hypothesis, run crosstabs, and export to PowerPoint, Excel and SPSS.

There are optional capabilities available to add on to your project that helps you do even more.


Included with your SERMO survey now is everything you need to see, explore and download your data.

  • Interactive Protobi® viewer
  • Explore and test hypotheses
  • Drag-and-drop crosstabs
  • Export as data to CSV and SPSS
  • Export as charts to PowerPoint
  • Export as tables to Excel
  • (New!) Save changes


Expert design worksession

One hour online design worksession with an expert analyst to customize the view, show you key features, and save your team hours of time. 

  • Online design session with expert analyst
  • Together we'll customize the view to:
  • Reorganize / design the dashboard
  • Code text verbatims
  • Zero-fill
  • Combine responses
  • Apply advanced charts
  • Translate foreign languages

    Cost: USD 300

Professional project

Add the ability to process data and share with your clients, plus our experts to help with heavy lifting, like having a data processing team on your project.

  • Enable advanced Dashboard capabilities
  • Four hours of expert support to help...
  • Process, clean, stack, merge data
  • Analyze dates and time intervals
  • Calculate weights
  • Use your PowerPoint template
  • Share with colleagues and clients

    Cost: USD 1200

To add additional capabilities, talk to your SERMO representative, or click on the "Select" button on your project's landing page!

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