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Updated at November 15th, 2019

Protobi exports to PowerPoint as editable charts and to Excel as tables or raw data. 

Select one or more elements or groups to export by pressing their titles (selected items are highlighted light blue).  You can press the Esc key to first clear all selections.

Then press the Export button and from the dropdown menu choose what to export:

The key board shortcut is "X P" (Shift+X followed by Shift+P).

Export to PowerPoint

This will generate a PowerPoint  with one slide for each selected item.  Most charts are exported as native editable objects with the data embedded in Excel inside.

Export to Excel as tables

When exporting to Excel, data tables are generated both as counts and percents, separated so that it's easier to select and chart the data: 

Each element or group you select will export as a worksheet, and for groups, the worksheet contains tables for each element within the group.

The exported Excel spreadsheet has a "main" worksheet, and each selected element is on its own worksheet.  For groups, the worksheet contains tables for each element within the group.

Export as data

You can also export respondent-level data.  The resulting worksheet contains columns for just the elements you select, and rows for just your current scenario. 

You can export the data either "raw" or labeled.  

Export the entire dataset

If you want to export the entire dataset, with all rows and columns, press the trigram in the upper right and choose either Excel or CSV format.

Export to PowerPoint to see your data in native, editable charts. 

Export other chart types

Where possible each chart exports as native shapes.  For instance Word Clouds generate text shapes with the same color, position, etc. that you see online:

Below we can see what the export looks like as an editable chart in Powerpoint.

Video tutorial

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