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Edit project title, logo, and splash images

Updated at April 28th, 2020

You can customize colors in projects to represent the look your brand, but you can also set the logo and splash image in project "Overview."

Logo and splash images

To customize logo and splash images go to the Project's settings page. In the "Overview" tab you can insert image URLs next to "Logo" and "Image".

Logo images appear in the upper left of an open project. 

A splash image is the image that appears next to a project in "My projects". 

Summary of "Overview" tab 

Name:  This is the primary project title, and appears in the "baseball card" heading.

Brief title: A short title that appears in the browser tab title text.

Description:  Slightly longer text that appears underneath the splash image in the project baseball card.

Logo: Insert URL to the image that appears in upper left of page. If image URL is not specified, the default is the Protobi logo.

Image: Insert optional URL to splash image that will appear in the baseball card. If image URL is not specified, the default is the logo image. 

Favicon:  Insert optional URL to image that appears in the browser tab title.

PowerPoint template:  Name of PPTX template to use for this project. See Custom PowerPoint template.

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