Tracking studies

Updated at October 3rd, 2022

Tracking studies in Protobi start off like any other project. Send us your survey data file, or upload it yourself to create a project

If you have a few waves of data, you can combine the data from multiple survey files in a Protobi data process.

Each wave or each quarter, we can create a new independent workspace so the project view can evolve as your analysis does, but the prior versions stay the same.

Tracking reports

Set up charts in Protobi that exactly parallel your PowerPoint report, so that your clients can easily navigate them, and your analysts can easily update and QC the report each wave.

Automate PowerPoint reports

Upload a polished PowerPoint report from the previous wave and use it as a template for later waves, linking charts so that Protobi updates PowerPoint charts and tables in place.


Costs are simply based on number of workspaces and support hours.

A typical tracking study will start at $1,400 (Expert support bundle). This includes a shared workspace and two hours of expert help in setting up the project. 

Each subsequent wave costs $1,400 and you will get the same two hours of consulting support to handle changes or additions to the survey. This pricing level is usually sufficient support time for surveys that have less than 20% changes.

Tracking reports with custom charts and automated PowerPoint need more support. Our $3,200 Extended support bundle provides 10 hours of expert support. 

Contact if you need extended support. 

Programming recommendations 

Add a "wave" variable

Program a "wave" data column into your survey that will be consistently used in each wave. This will make setting up wave filters simpler, but if you don't have a "wave" variable in your survey we can create one in Protobi. 

Do not reuse question names

Adding a new question or dropping an old one in new waves of a tracking study is fine. However, you should not re-use previously used question numbers and column names for different questions.

Advanced support

Your tracking study may have added complexities not described in this tutorial. Contact and we'll help you get setup for your case.

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