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What to expect in your first Protobi project

Updated at July 22nd, 2020

Thanks for choosing Protobi!  We look forward to helping you explore your data, answer key questions, and create cool charts and tables for your report.  Here's what you can expect from us and what we'll expect from your team.

Software plus service

Protobi is both (a) a software tool you can use and (b) a team to help you do that.  

Plan to schedule one or more work sessions, so we can review your data together online and design visualizations that accomplish your analysis goals.  

In the first projects, lean on our team to do the setup so you'll see what's possible and learn how to do it. In subsequent projects, your team will be increasingly capable for common tasks, and contact us for more advanced and unique tasks.

You can email us  at and/or schedule screen share support sessions from within the project. 

Create a project 

To start any project, you can just send us an email at with your survey data, survey document and analysis plan. 

Or you can create a new project yourself. Sign into, go to "My projects", press "New project" and upload a survey datafile. This will create a new project space.

Create an initial design

Protobi automatically creates an initial view where every column in your data appears as an interactive chart.  

The the next step after that is to neatly organize what may be many hundreds or thousands of elements into higher level groups and tweak how they appear.

Basically, we'll start by running Autogroup to organize your data into sections. 

Then we'll look  over each element in the survey, and in the process, make design tweaks so each appears in a form suitable for your analysis:

We'll take note of any questions and ideas we have have for your specific project.

In the first project(s) we'll do this for you and show you how we did it.  As an experienced user, your team will be able to do much of this independently.

Design work session

Next we'll meet via screen share (or in person if you're near Boston) to walk through the initial view and our questions together. 

The main goal is to make sure the data view looks right, but a positive by-product of these sessions is the new user training. Here we'll identify opportunities to clean, reshape, and code the data. We'll set up certain queries, and generally try to make it so that your overall project is more efficient. 

Schedule a time at as soon as you send us  the data.

Data cleaning and prep

Did you know Protobi can do sophisticated data prep? A lot of data work you might otherwise have done in R, SPSS or sent to external firms, we can program in Protobi.

Maybe you need to combine countries or waves, merge in translations, calculate respondent weights, untangle a choice exercise, stack patient case data,  etc. 

By processing data in Protobi, your logic is accessible to your team and all in one place. It runs every time you upload new data, and is checked into version control using git. Some time for data prep is included in the base project cost. We'll let you know in advance if it ever gets to the point where we'd need to bill extra.

If you prefer R, we integrate nicely with R as well with the Protobi R library which provides convenient utilities to get data from -- and push data to -- your project.

Analysis and collaboration

You're focused on creating an insightful presentation and we're eager to help.  Email us with questions. If it's really urgent, please give us a call.

Multiple team members can work on the Protobi view at the same time. Changes made by one team member are accessible to all.

Share with colleagues and clients

Grant access to your end client with "View" or "Edit" permissions.  Some clients you might include early in the analysis to sate their curiosity about the data. Others you might include at the end. Keep Protobi on your laptop during the final presentation to answer any questions that arise.


Projects start once you send the data and say "go". Allow 1-2 business days from receipt of data to design work session. Typically, 1-3 or more days after that for follow-on edits, advanced data processing etc.


A Protobi Professional Project is "active" for three months. During this time you can update or replace the data as often as you like. After this time the data is assumed to be stable, meaning that you're not uploading new respondent data.

You can edit the view, change permissions, export data, crosstabs, etc. indefinitely. This works for a large complex study where the data takes weeks to field, and even a weekly tracking study that runs 12 weeks.  

If your client loves the work and wants the survey updated beyond that, we have additional options for tracking studies.

Tracking studies

Protobi is often used for tracking studies, including weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual studies. 

One mode is to create one project and update the data in place as it arrives. This is typically best for continuously fielded research or weekly tracking studies. Another mode is to "clone" the project every wave (or every quarter), and upload new data into the new project instance. This is best for quarterly or annual studies, where the questionnaire or sample frame evolves over time, and you need a permanent record.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you,

Jung and Pieter

Team Protobi

Press the video below to watch how projects proceed!

Welcome to your first Protobi project. Here's what to expect as project manager. 

You can create and set up a Protobi project yourself by uploading the survey and data online. Or just email us your survey and data at , and we can do it for you. 

You'll immediately get an interactive view of your entire survey, and can begin analyzing and organizing the data. 

Schedule an online work session with us, as soon as you create the project or share the data.

Over screen share we'll walk through each question with you, refine the design and suggest possibilities for visualization. We can also discuss data processing and other changes, this work session will also serve as a hands on training for you and your team. 

Many edits can be made together in our session. As project Admin you can edit and organize the view as the project progresses. Our expert analysts are on hand, so you can focus on the data. You can upload partial or complete data as often as you like.  Protobi can export and import data from SPSS and R.

Protobi can also automate data processing you may otherwise need to do in R, SPSS, or Excel. This includes stacking patient cases or conjoint data, merging in translations or other waves, calculating weights, recoding text responses, and calculating time intervals from dates. Data processing logic and change history is stored within the project, so you'll never need to wonder what changes were made. 

You can export charts to PowerPoint and tables to Excel. 

When you're ready, we can share View access with clients, and Edit access with colleagues.

Thanks for choosing Protobi for your research!

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