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Updated at February 20th, 2020

Welcome to our knowledge base! You can search for answers, browse our articles, or follow this content checklist to learn Protobi. Our tutorials are divided into 7 article based sections. We suggest new users start by going through all the topics in "New to Protobi?"

Below is a table of contents you can use to keep track of your self-study progress. In addition to these topics there is a how to section containing short gif-based answers to common Protobi questions. There is also a video based learning section with verbal instruction and explanation of particular topics. 

Through project exploration you may naturally pick up on the topics listed. You can approach the sections in an order that is most beneficial to you or sequentially (what we recommend.)

Press on the topic to go to the tutorial.

New to Protobi?

Learning with Protobi tutorials

     Intro to Protobi video

    Sign into Protobi

    Project flow

     Basic navigation in Protobi

    Initial design work session

    Shortcuts cheat sheet

    Protobi quick-start PowerPoint tutorial


Topics to study for "view" access level

    Press to query       


    Sorting responses

    Blank, skipped and missing values    


    Global filters         


    Exporting data      

    Text verbatims



Topics to study for "edit" access level


    Hide, remove, delete      

    Element properties       

    Titles, displayKey, and footnotes      

    Move, mirror, clone    

    'x' Bin numeric values     

    Summary statistics        

    Extract common text      


    JSON editor 

    JSON syntax for elements       

    Chart type dialog 

    Format dialog       

    Compact to…       

    Code text verbatims       

    Element specific filters 

    Translate languages        

    Ways to display rankings

    Use alternative values to calculate summary statistics      



Topics to study for "admin" access level

    Create a new project      

    Project properties  

    Project settings    

    Project overview   

    Custom PowerPoint template

    Protobi wiki pages      

    Project permissions   

    Project data   

    Update project data   

    Modify survey data   

    Combine multiple data sets into one project    

    Project history   

    Project To-do   

    Reformat tool

    Okta authentication


Advanced editor

Editing topics more advanced than those in "Edit" section    


    Condense text verbatims 

    Transform to compact

    Replacing missing values with zeros 

    Splitting text responses  

    Numeric variables with long-tail distributions         

    Extreme values: Winsorize, trim or retain    

    Date/ time values  

    Date/ time calculations

    Calculating ratios  




In depth articles focused and specific chart types        

    Word clouds         


    Venn diagrams     

    Cumulative line charts    

    TopBoxTornado for multiple ratings   

    Sankey flow diagrams    

    US State maps     

    Google Maps chart         

    Kaplan-Meier curves      

    Van Westendorp's Price Sensitivity Meter  



Topics to study for advanced users

    Protobi REST API 

    Protobi R library    

    Customize Protobi style 

    Create new chart types   

    Process data in Protobi  

    Stacking survey data loops in Protobi

    Putting numbers up front for 7 Point Scale questions

    Import layout data from Confirmit

    Protobi Web API

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