Automatically infer project organization from column names

Hide or delete

Remove elements from view

Element properties

Advanced options to define and style elements

Titles, display key, and footnotes

Move, mirror, clone

Create multiple views of the same data

`x`Bin numeric values

Editing "Round by..." attribute

Summary statistics

Mean, median, min, max, and more...

Extract common text

Extract common title text to organize view of similar questions


Customizing colors in Protobi

JSON syntax

How JSON syntax is used in Protobi

Chart type dialog

Format dialog

Specify value labels and sort order

Compact to...

Grouping variables to summarize stats

Code text verbatims

The "Recode..." dialog

Element specific filters

Set permanent filters on elements

Translate languages

Translate values, formats, and titles

Ways to display rankings

Tips for concisely displaying results of ranking choice exercises

Use alternative values to calculate summary statistics

"Mean" values in the format dialog