Format dialog

Specify value labels and sort order


Updated at October 18th, 2019

Survey engines usually represent data internally in a cryptic format for computers, and have additional "meta data" that describes how to present the data for people.

For instance, a survey may have a question q1 which is presented to English-speaking respondents as "Generally, how would you say things are in your life?". 

Similarly the response values are represented in data as integers (e.g. 1, 2, ...) but displayed to the user as "Very happy", "Pretty happy", etc.

To see and refine the mapping, press the blue circle edit icon and choose "Format...". This will bring up the following dialog:

  • Value corresponds to the raw  value in the data file.
  • Format is the string for display
  • Sort as is an alternative value to be used for sorting.
  • Sort last indicates the value should be sorted at the end, regardless
  • Hide indicates the value should not be shown in the distribution
  • Remove deletes the row from this dialog.

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