Condense related questions: Ratings


Updated at October 22nd, 2019

Surveys often contain collections of related items on a common scale, often of the type:

  • Rate the following items...
  • Check all that apply...

The example below is a typical set of ratings. Below they are each shown individually, so you can see the entire distribution for each item.

But you might wish to compact the distributions to just top-box scores, see top-box summary percentages but also see entire distributions stacked in compact, or expand them back to see all the details.

To change the settings, press the edit icon (blue square) and select

  • Compact to "Strongly agree"
  • Display stacked
  • Expand/collapse

Click the row icon to see the entire distribution for one item (seen below), or click the group icon for the collection Q3 and select "Expand/collapse" to expand all elements (seen in first image):

The top-box summaries in compact mode are selectable values, which you can select with Click or Option+Click or-select with Shift-Click.

For more advanced summaries, such as top-two box, select Compact to... and enter an array of unformatted values, e.g. [1,2].

Video tutorial

This video demonstrates how to create a more compact display for groups of related questions. 

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