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Squish multiple responses into one distribution


Updated at February 10th, 2020

Use transform: squish to condense multiple text responses into a single distribution. 

For example, this survey  elicit multiple reasons which for analysis we'd like to combine into a single list:

To condense the values, place the elements in a group as above.  Press the edit icon for the group and select "Transform..." from the context menu to bring up the transform dialog:

The text responses are now condensed into a single distribution.   

This is a multi-value element, so percentages may sum to more than 100%.  Below selecting people who chose "Experience" shows they also entered other reasons:

Undo transform

To undo a transform, go to the group's context menu and select "Expand/collapse." Then, bring up the transform dialog and select "None." The group should return to its original state.

Video tutorial

Condense multiple text columns

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