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Updated at October 15th, 2019

Do you ever need to create custom web pages for your clients? Grant your designer total creative control over styles and content? Upload your own files, images, and custom source code? And securely share view or edit access to specific users?

Custom web pages

Protobi allows you to create your own custom web pages. You can create pages within your project that provide additional documentation about your research methods, findings, or deliverables.

You can upload your own resources as well as include leading web libraries like d3.js from CDNs. Grant your team edit/admin privileges and grant view access to your clients. Usage and change history will be tracked like any Protobi project.

Include images, files and resources

You can upload your own images to the project. Here's a stock photo...

Include Protobi within your page

You can include Protobi within your page as interactive charts embedded in a larger document, using your project data. You can even apply custom widgets specific to your project see tutorial:

Include custom code

You can go beyond and apply your own custom code to display highly stylized visualizations based on data in your Protobi project.

You can also include external data libraries and datasets. As an example, here is a visualization of the longest commercial flights in the world, created by Jacob Wasilkowski:

Get started

This capability is new to users and we're still working on the documentation. Contact us at for a quick start demo.

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