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Updated at January 18th, 2020

You can update data in Protobi as often as you need. For example, if your survey is in field, you can upload data every day as fielding progresses.

Data in Protobi is independent of the view, so you can update data without resetting your charts and organization.

To update data, go to the Project settings page and select the Data tab. 

You can either: 

  • update an existing data table, or
  • add a new data table

Update an existing table 

Each project has a single data table that is the primary data source, and is marked "Primary" on the data tab.  For most projects the  primary data table is titled either  "main" or "generated".  Initially, the table houses the file that you first uploaded when you created the project. 

To download this file press one of the three Download buttons, either "Original", "CSV" or "SAV".  You can then edit it manually in Excel or programmatically in your favorite language.

Uploading a new file into an existing data table will overwrite the old file.  Drag the updated data file to the "Upload" box, or press the box and select a file from the system dialog.

If you do this, make sure to add a few notes in the "Description" box so that in two weeks or two months, your colleagues and the future you will have a way to figure out where this data came from.

Add a new data table

Over-writing the original source data is scary.  Another option is to upload the revised data as a new data table instead.  Press the blue "New data table" button. 

You will be prompted to name the new table, then upload a CSV or SAV file. Within the table next to "Admin" you can make it the project's primary file.

Protobi currently accepts SPSS (*.sav) or CSV (*.csv) data files. If your file is in Excel, use Save As... and select type "Comma Separated Values *.csv"  in the dialog.  If CSV, Protobi assumes the first row is column names and each row is a respondent.

Note: The data layout of a new file doesn't need to be identical to the old. Adding a new question or dropping an old one in new waves is fine. However, you should not re-use previously used question numbers and column names for different questions.

Update any dependent processes

If your project has a data process (green square icon), and that process depends on a file you just refreshed, you may need to re-run the process.

In the data process, press the "Edit/Run" button to get to the process code view page. Once there, press the grey "Run" button. The data process will then be applied to the newly updated data.

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