Create a new project

Updated at February 10th, 2021

Begin by going to "My projects" and pressing on "New project..." (seen below).

Select a datafile

You will be brought to the page below. The first step is to select a datafile. You can drop a file into the tile, or click the dotted box to upload a file (CSV or SPSS). 

Verify the data

After you select a file, you can verify the data. The data table view will open in a new browser tab. There is a button that opens the project in the Protobi view.  

Schedule a session

Press "Schedule a session" to be view the project support calendar. Choose a date and time for an initial work session. 

Select version

New to Protobi? Select an intro project, and let us show you what's possible. You'll get temporary access to a full interactive online view of your entire survey with admin access. We'll help you get setup and you can schedule an intro design work session.

One project space for a full length survey. An expert project will get you the software and project support. All visualization and data prep capabilities. You get an interactive online view of your entire survey with admin access to edit and share with colleagues.

A professional project will include full service for new and continuing clients. We set you up with the initial design, online design review/training sessions, and some data processing.

You get an interactive online view of your entire survey with admin access to edit and share with colleagues.

Authorize payment

Paypal or credit

Use your Paypal account, or enter credit card details to submit payment for your project. 


Prefer to have us invoice you? Enter an email address and billing code to request an invoice. 

Name your project

Once you've entered payment details, you will be brought project settings page. Press the "Overview" tab. Give your new project a name, you can also add a logo and splash image for your project. 

Add the survey document

Press the "Data" tab, and add the survey questionnaire under "New document". 

Upload the file into the document table:

Open your project

Press the "Open" tab in project settings to see an initial view of your survey data. 

Create an initial design

Learn more in our "Project flow" tutorial and Basic setup recommendations

Video tutorial


Create a new Protobi project. Begin by clicking on "New Project" and select a CSV or SPSS file. For this example, we'll use the political survey from the Pew Research Center.

Your project is now created, press "open" to see an initial, interactive view of all your data.

Data is automatically grouped into a tree on the left under the section "Fields". The toolbar on the top shows our current sample size, as well as many other capabilities.

Select the section, "Fields" so that it is highlighted blue, and from the Advanced menu select "Autogroup".

We can create a new tab by selecting the "+" button. We can then drag elements from the tree into the new tab.

Here, we'll drag questions 1-16 into the new tab. We see questions with similar titles are grouped together. For instance q7a, q7b, q7c and q7d are grouped together because they share the prefix "q7".

Since text itself is not a variable, survey packages often cram it into variable labels. We can press the Advanced menu and select "Extract common text". The common text has been pulled out, leaving just the variable text behind. We can display q7 more concisely, compacting it to "Very favorable", or a top 2 box rating of "Very favorable, and Mostly favorable".

Again, we can remove the common text, and compact both questions 15 and 16 to "yes".

We can head back up to the toolbar, and toggle the Format button to see the underlying raw, unformatted values. We can also toggle the %# button to view data as percentages or in counts.

Create instant crosstabs by dragging q1 onto q7, shading highlights significant difference. To uncross, drag q1 out of q7.

We can also change an element's chart type, from the element's context menu select "Chart Type..." and choose Venn Diagram.

We can also change this chart into a column chart. Elements are expandable, select the element so that it is highlighted blue, and drag the resize handle to your desired width and height. Change q7 back into a core element, by once again going to the element's context menu, selecting "Chart Type..." and choose Standard.

See tutorials on organizing data and Protobi chart types to begin further customizing your survey. 

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