Project settings

An overview of the project settings page


Updated at October 30th, 2019

Each project has a settings page where you can perform different administrative tasks associated with that specific project.

Within the project settings page are tabs. By default, the Project settings page is set on the "Overview" tab.

Getting to a project's settings page

There are two ways you can get to a project's admin page.

1. In your projects, find the baseball card you want to edit and click the "Settings" button (seen below).

2. To get to a project's admin page when you are within said project, press the dropdown menu on the upper right area of the screen and choose "Project settings."

Project settings summary

Open: Takes you to the project in the Protobi app

OverviewChange the project's name, baseball card image, etc.

DataUpdate your project's data and house other documents

PermissionsGrant access to users

Elements: JSON code for your project's view structure

Pre-calculate: Run advanced processes on your data

Downloads: Exports from the project that you requested are temporarily cached here

Log: A record of actions taken on a project 

HistoryRestore or view previous versions of your project

Help: A record of your support tickets and book a work session

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