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Updated at March 4th, 2020

Why am I unable to save changes to my project?


If you are unable to save changes to your project, it is likely you were signed out of Protobi. Signing back into Protobi should allow you to save changes again. Without closing the open project, open a new tab and go to See sign into Protobi

Why am I unable to drag and drop in Internet Explorer?

Users have reported being unable to drag and drop when using Microsoft Internet Explorer. 


This is a known issue with Internet Explorer and users have reported success resolving it by either:

  • rebooting the computer
  • right-press on any file, hold the mouse button down and hit the Esc key

If this issue persists, please contact or try using Chrome.

Does the data layout of a new file have to be identical to the old in order to be uploaded to Protobi?


No, they do not have to be identical. Adding a new question or dropping an old one in new waves is fine. However, you should not re-use previously used question numbers and column names for different questions. See update project data for more info. 

Can I set the view so that [NA] values are not shown when you first open the project?

Yes, the associated attribute is "showMissing" : true. Our default is to show NA values. However, you can add a small snippet of code in pre-calculate to set "showMissing" to false on opening of the project. 

if (typeof protobi.viewModel !== 'undefined'){ 

protobi.viewModel.set({'showMissing': false})


return rows;

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